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In light of this post being misunderstood by some people, I have edited this so its easier for everyone to understand my point. But then again, everyone is entitled to their own interpretation and opinion so if someone still doesn’t get it, there’s nothing else I can do but let them know that I won’t take it against them and they’re free to voice out their opinion regardless. I’m just sharing my own experience, my own opinion about it, and everyone is free to comment and share their own experience (good or bad) and their own opinion.

Also, to those who think that I’m just badmouthing or attacking NU Skin, please read my post again before you add your negative comments about me and my post and just embarass yourself, because I am not against NU Skin at all. NU Skin is a reputable successful company. I’m just sharing my experience and thoughts about a bad marketing strategy that was used on me and others as well by “some” of their members in the Philippines and warning others of such strategies/tactics. If I am against anything or anyone at all, it is those who uses these kind of strategies/tactics for their own gain.


What I think about company

NU Skin/Pharmanex is a company that offers health products from vitamins, food supplements, to lotions, body scrubs, etc. They are famously known with their NU Skin personal care products. Basically, its a company that markets itself through direct selling and multi-level marketing/networking (either thru finding someone that will actively sell their products or just recruit and recruit people under them).

Personally, I have tried some of their products before and I think they’re pretty much okay except that the price is kinda high. As for the company itself, I could say they are just like other networking companies where you will attend a seminar with a very impressive speaker and a believable presentation. And when you sign up, its either you will sell the product or you’ll recruit people under you to join. Or you can just settle on buying and using their products if you’re not interested to do business with them.

The company itself is very known worldwide and has a good reputation and is a successful one. But like other similar companies they have their own strategies and plans to sell their products and help their members earn and have a good business. So like any business venture, some may fail and some may succeed.

My experience

It all started early 2008 when I received a phone call from a girl (I forgot her name and I don’t really care to remember) who told me that I was referred by a former officemate of mine. She asked if I am interested in a job opportunity (same job I’m doing but better). She said she’s from a company (I forgot the name she said) and told me they needed 2-3 people to fill in the slots. She was so convincing that I really thought she was some HR personnel calling applicants referred by their own employees, which in this case is my former officemate, and since I knew she got in a very good company, I thought I might try to get in there as well, so for the sake of trying, I agreed to meet her. She told me to go to 26F Trafalgar Tower in Makati and bring my resume. I went and was shocked to find out I have been fooled. It was actually a seminar for Pharmanex/Nu Skin. I was really mad at her that time and I wanted to tell her how mad I am and I didn’t like it that she tricked me. But since I have tried the products already and I’m already there, I sat down and just listened. Besides, I have nothing to lose. But then I realized I am listening to the very same type of seminars where the speaker sounds very promising and fun – well they’re all like that anyway. But in the end, they never convinced me to sign up and shell out money which if I remember right was around 8k that time to join them. Besides, I’m not into selling especially those type of expensive products and I’m not into recruiting people either.

My thoughts/opinion

I brought up this topic so that it can help anyone who might be searching about it too. I have been a victim of false marketing, recruitment strategy or misrepresentation of jobs. A few days before writing this post, a close friend of mine was fooled into attending them too. He invited me to come with him for a business project a friend of his invited him to. But since I’m not available, I wasn’t able to come. Then it turned out the “business project” is to join and start a business with NU Skin. So I googled about this found out many has been victimized by the same false marketing strategies or misrepresentation in jobs. I realized it wasn’t just the tactic of the girl who first invited me but it seems to be a common tactic of some of the company’s members. I don’t know who started the idea of doing this tactic and I don’t know if its also being used by some members of other companies, but my experience with this tactic is with an NU Skin member.

Honestly, I don’t have anything against the company and their products and I’m not saying they are a scam (because they are not, NU Skin is a company with a good reputation) nor every member uses this strategy (like all business, there are employees/members who are honest and not). My point here is that the strategy that some of their members used to recruit people is not honestly done and I am not happy about it that’s why I’m sharing my opinion about what I experienced. I mean, I for myself don’t like to be fooled so why would I fool others? and I don’t think its good to start a business relationship with someone that started with a lie. That girl could have honestly told me about the company and the product so that if I attended, it would be of pure interest and not because I was expecting something else. They mislead people and fool/trick people just for the sake of having them attend their seminars. Yes, they don’t force you to sign up but they force you to attend the seminar indirectly by giving you false information. So for me, if ever I would sign up or join such businesses, I would prefer to sign up under someone who told me the truth and invited me rather that someone who told me a lie. I know this tactic have worked with some people that’s why those members who do it keeps doing it, but to some who doesn’t like being lied to (like me), this tactic doesn’t work.

I am not into this kind of business that’s why I didn’t join. But for those who are, go ahead. Whether you join Nu Skin or a different company, its up to you. And I hope those who do business honestly will succeed well.

And to those who experienced the same thing I did and didn’t like it one bit, you are not alone. And I hope that this post as well as other people’s post about the same experience will help prevent others from being victimized by the same strategy.

Other’s experience and opinion

A lot of Filipinos have been victimized by this false marketing strategy also. These are some of the post I saw when I did my research.

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You may also read some of the same experiences shared by those who read my post below.

Educating Las Piñeros is one of the main projects of the Aguilar family being in politics for several years in a row. Previously, the Mr. and Mrs. Aguilar, who both became Mayors of the city already, have reconstructed the old public schools and have created new schools for the people of Las Piñas City. And of all the schools in the city, it is the Las Piñas TESDA and Don FC Aguilar College whose been the highlight of the project. For what i know, the Las Piñas TESDA is a free learning institute with technical and vocational courses offered to Las Piñeros of all ages. While the Don FC Aguilar College offers free college scholarships to poor but exceptional graduates of the city’s public high school. Through these years, a lot of smart students and eligible residents of the city benefit from this project.

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