Educating Las Piñeros is one of the main projects of the Aguilar family being in politics for several years in a row. Previously, the Mr. and Mrs. Aguilar, who both became Mayors of the city already, have reconstructed the old public schools and have created new schools for the people of Las Piñas City. And of all the schools in the city, it is the Las Piñas TESDA and Don FC Aguilar College whose been the highlight of the project. For what i know, the Las Piñas TESDA is a free learning institute with technical and vocational courses offered to Las Piñeros of all ages. While the Don FC Aguilar College offers free college scholarships to poor but exceptional graduates of the city’s public high school. Through these years, a lot of smart students and eligible residents of the city benefit from this project.

However, the Aguilars didn’t neglect the poor and average students of the city. “Those smart kids are already assured of a future. But those whose grades range fom the 70s and below are not. I want to make their dream of going to school a reality” Mayor Aguilar said in an article about the free IT school in Inquirer. …continue reading